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Word of the moment: Nomadology

Posted by Hilary on August 17, 2008

Also, how I justify living in Idaho. Thank you Wikipedia.


“Somewhere between the 1950’s ideal of the suburban home (sedentary lifestyle) and a dedicated itinerant or world traveler (migrant lifestyle) lies the notion of modern nomadism. Although mobile, the modern nomad has location specific purpose (lifestyle or business related). Nomadic mobility thus refers to purposeful movement between nodes rather than continuous and random floating. In the context of ‘no.D’, mobility is measured in terms of lifestyle vectors (direction and intensity of personal or business pursuits) rather than instantaneous velocity (travel or movement without a larger goal) .”



2 Responses to “Word of the moment: Nomadology”

  1. Shari said

    Morning babycakes,
    What can I make that is very lowcal and uses up all this applesauce I have????/

  2. Shari said

    Don’t you love wikipedia!!

    Fun to look at and read all the related stories that go with a word.

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