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Caramel Apples

Posted by Hilary on November 8, 2008

For my birthday this year I opted for caramel apples instead of cake. Although I haven’t perfected how to make them, I’m posting it anyhow (as I’ll likely never perfect the technique). The making of caramel apples should be fairly simply: put wooden stick into apple, stick apple in caramel, roll in peanuts, the end. Instead, most people who attempt this end up with an apple on a stick sitting in a pool of peanutty caramel. 

So what’s the problem? Why doesn’t the caramel always stick?

1. Store-bought apples are too damn waxy. I read about two ways of de-waxing the apple. The first one I tried was scrubbing with baking soda. I wasn’t impressed. The next method I tried was dipping the apples in boiling water. That seemed to work. Boil (I did this for about 5 seconds) and then wipe off the wax and thoroughly dry the apple.  

2. Apple might not be cold enough. Supposedly chilling the apple helps the caramel harden faster. So after de-waxing my apples I stuck them in the fridge for a bit. 

The boiling and the refrigeration resulted in the strangest thing I’ve ever seen an apple do:


Bright red droplets of what tasted very sweet and was very sticky came out of the apple. Fascinating, but I just wiped the apple dry again and continued with my project. 


Other things to consider when making caramel apples:

1. The apple should be firm. Smaller apples are better. Sweet or tart is really personal preference. We used Fuji this time.

2. You need to let a lot of the caramel drip off of the apple while you hold it over the pan. Don’t just coat and expect all the caramel to stick (it might initially, but you’ll end up with an ocean of caramel coming off the apple at a later time).

3. Convention says that you set the finished product on wax paper to set. I vote for a wire cooling rack so excess caramel can drip off if need be. We put the silpat (you could use wax paper) under the wire rack so as to avoid cleaning caramel off of the counter top. In the future I plan on trying to let the apples set in the fridge, as mine were still not completely free of drifting caramel.




One Response to “Caramel Apples”

  1. Shari said

    Yowzer, yummy.
    They look so goooooood.
    Very professional.
    lol, Shari

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