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The Truth About Tofu

Posted by kathleenerindavis on March 16, 2010

Yes dear readers I am still unemployed, and thusly cooking semi-regularly for my lovely boyfriend. However there hasn’t really been any exciting new recipes to share with y’all.
But I did write an article about tofu for my once employer For the article I did lots of research on tofu and interviewed experts like the Today Show’s Joy Bauer and Food Baby co-author Hilary Stratton.

I’ve been cooking with tofu for years, but turns out I was never getting the water out properly, and that’s the key to get tofu to soak up the most flavor. I had always just drained the water and started cooking, but you need to press it between towels or freeze it to get more of the water out. Life changing.

I put my new found knowledge to work this past Sunday with a simple tofu veggie and brown rice stir fry. It was filling and yummy.

Here are some more ideas I got from my experts:
Regular Tofu
1. Stir-fry with veggies and soy sauce and serve over brown rice.
2. Crumble it for a tofu scramble (with or without eggs).
3. Bread it and panfry with oil like a chicken cutlet.
4. Panfry crumbled tofu with taco seasoning to substitute for beef in tacos.
5. For a summer BBQ, marinate extra-firm tofu with barbecue sauce or soy sauce and grill it along with bell peppers, red onion and pineapple.

Silken Tofu
1. Blend dried onion soup mix into it for a healthier version of onion dip.
2. Use it to replace all or part of the cream in cream-based soups.
3. Purée it and substitute for part of the mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese or ricotta cheese in any recipe.
4. Mix it with other ingredients in a food processor to make a salad dressing.
5. Use it to substitute for milk or yogurt in a smoothie.

You can read the whole article here



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