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Samoas, Part Duex

Posted by Hilary on April 19, 2010

KK sent me some of the samoas from her “Happy Kapril” post. Kelly ate one and has since been wanting (me) to make some too.

I decided to make the cookie version instead of the bars, because I wanted to try out this fancy cookie press:

As it turns out though, this cookie press is completely worthless, as the ratchet mechanism is not strong enough to push the dough. I have a less fancy-looking, but much better press somewhere (probably back in Michigan) that was given to me by my G-ma S.

I still didn’t feel like rolling out dough and using a cookie cutter, so I hand formed the shortbread cookies by making and flattening small balls of dough. As Katie promised, these things take forever to make. Here’s hoping that Kelly does not request them again for a while 😉


One Response to “Samoas, Part Duex”

  1. kathleenerindavis said

    these were somehow even more yummy than the ones I made! Also I have a cookie press too that my mom gave me a couple Christmas ago but I’ve never used it–it scares me.

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