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Artful Recipes

Posted by kathleenerindavis on April 13, 2010

Just saw this on ReadyMade and thought I’d share, it I was slightly more artistic or had the inclination, I might art-up a recipe from time to time. Fun to look at while cooking, but I also think something like this would look awesome framed and hung in a kitchen, or make a good gift (a special recipe you share with a friend…like puppy chow…for example)


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Camera files evidence intent to blog

Posted by Hilary on February 25, 2010

I am a delinquent blogger! However, a cursory look through by camera files shows that I must have at least intended to blog on occasion.

Early November, 2009: Homemade applesauce with honeycrisps. I remember this taking longer than expected, but being awesome.

I must love apples, cause for the dessert party/ my birthday party on 11/7 I made apple oven pancake. This was a new recipe for me. Link to the recipe here.

Flash forward to Thanksgiving. We actually had guests! Kelly’s friend Mike, who moved here from Michigan over the summer, and Nicole, my cat’s friend. The cats had a lovely turkey dinner:

Nicole, Mike, and Kelly had a lovely turkey diner as well, whereas I had a lovely tofurkey dinner. We had a ridiculous amount of food, including a new roasted cauliflower recipe. No pictures of the cauliflower, and to be honest, no real recipe, but it involved olive oil and a lot of garlic. I made my traditional apple pie as usual, but tried a new pumpkin pie recipe, “sugar and spice pumpkin pie with brandied ginger cream”. This pie was more delicious than your every day pumpkin pie. I followed the recipe (linked above) pretty much to the letter. I even stole some brandy from Mango and Nicole! The only thing that I changed was leaving the brandy out of the actual whipping cream.

I got nothing to offer for Christmas. I made my apple pie, but otherwise I can’t remember cooking anything, which is strange for me.

And continuing on the path of the lazy graduate student, my attempt to make something semi-special on Valentine’s Day was chocolate-covered strawberries. On a side-note, these things are admittedly delicious, but why do people pay so much money for them (they sell one strawberry for $2-3 at a local store’s deli)? They’re possibly the easiest dessert to make.

Kelly had to work all of Valentine’s weekend, but luckily I had my sweet feline fellows to keep me company.

I can’t promise that I’ll be a better blogger anytime before the end of this semester, but I’ll try!


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Too lazy to write anything, so you get pictures!

Posted by Hilary on October 20, 2008

The title says it all. Life for me has been absolutely hectic. I’m planning an upcoming post on pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, as requested by Kristin. For now, I send pictures out into the world. The very first post on this blog, “Ginger Kitty” was about my desire for the little guy. I have him, he’s about 4.5 months and has a nice belly now (compared to the 1.8 pounds he weighed on adoption day). His name is Helios and here he is with his bother Sirius:


By himself:




Also, here’s a preview of where Kelly and I are getting hitched in June:

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Ginger Kitty

Posted by Hilary on July 22, 2008

I want to surprise Kelly and adopt this ginger kitty. KK concurs. What, if not a picture of a kitty, is fodder for amateur blogging? The main thrust of our blog is supposed to be foodstuffs, but we will throw in kitties from time to time, along with other KK & HilHil- esque goodness (e.g., stellar dance moves, extreme makeover tips, quotable quotations). In the meantime, I’m waiting for this little guy’s foster mom to call me. He can’t be adopted until he weighs 2 pounds. Get fatter, kitty! I want you!


Ginger Kitty

Ginger Kitty

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