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Grilled Artichokes

Posted by Hilary on May 30, 2010

Kelly and I eat a lot of artichokes. Usually we simply cut off the stem and then boil or steam them whole for ~45 minutes (time depends on the size of the artichoke, test by spearing the base of the artichoke with a fork).

We decided to try grilling them.

1. Cut off the stem and the top 1/4 or 1/3 of the artichoke

2. Halve the artichoke and remove the choke.

3. Steam the artichoke halves for 20-30 minutes, depending on size.

4. Tuck garlic in between leaves and brush cut side with olive oil.

5. Grill!

Dipping sauces for artichokes are generally oil, butter, or mayo based. I use a garlic herb olive oil that Kelly makes for me. Kelly uses a spicy mayo/soy sauce mix.

Enjoy 🙂


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A decade late: a vegetarian discovery

Posted by kathleenerindavis on April 30, 2010

I decided to make Hilary’s grilled tofu and veggies last night, but I couldn’t be bothered to set of the grill and haul everything from the kitchen to the backyard so I tried out Shawna’s George Foreman Grill. I’m aware that I’m over ten years late on this trend, but man-o-live is this a great cooking machine! I had never thought to use it since I thought the main appeal was the fat drainage that’s not an issue with vegetarian cooking.

However it worked really well for my marinaded tofu, red and orange bell pepper, pineapple, portabella mushrooms, and red onion.  I made it pretty much the same as Hilary (here’s her post), with a slightly different marinade. The results? Delicious!

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Grilled Tofu with Vegetables

Posted by Hilary on March 20, 2010

In celebration of impending spring, and in the spirit of Katie’s tofu article, here’s how Kelly and I grill out tasty vegan fare.

1. You must use extra firm tofu. I recommend buying organic in this case, as GMO soybeans have taken over zee world (i.e. “roundup ready soybeans”), but this works well with any extra firm tofu.

2. Drain the block of tofu and slice it into about 6 slices. Lay a clean dishtowel on the counter or on a cutting board, then put the slices in a single layer on the towel, and cover them with another clean dishtowel. On top of all of this put a baking sheet or large cutting board, and on top of that put some weight (we’ve used hand weights, a couple gallons of water, jars/cans of food, heavy books, etc.) The idea is to press as much water out of the tofu as possible. Leave the tofu to be pressed for 30 minutes.

2. The next thing you need is a marinade. There are a ton of store bought marinades available, although making your own is laudable as well. We tend to buy the LaChoy Garlic Ginger marinade and add a small can of pineapple juice to it.

3. Once your tofu is pressed, submerge it in the marinade. Getting all that water out of the tofu will allow it to soak up the marinade more readily. Allow it to marinate for about 30 minutes.

4. Along with the tofu we usually grill a red onion (sliced), red/orange/yellow peppers, and pineapple. Pineapple is conspicuously absent here, since getting good pineapple this time of the year in Idaho is not easy or cheap. Generally, in the summer, we buy a whole pineapple and grill about half of it (in big slices).

5. Grill! Use the marinade to brush on the veggies and tofu throughout grilling. Serve with rice (jasmine rice, white or brown).

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