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For Mi Esposa: Sushi Expedition

Posted by Hilary on June 21, 2010

Kelly absolutely adores sushi. I, of course, have limited options when it comes to sushi, what with being a vegetarian. We spent the last 2 days in Salt Lake City and the weekend ended up taking on a sushi theme. For lunch on Sunday we went to a sushi bar called The Happy Sumo. Amidst the many chain restaurants at the Gateway (huge outdoor mall we were at), this was one of the most appealing choices. I had the veggie tempura roll, which came with tempura yam, onion, zucchini, & shishito pepper inside, and was topped with avocado, spicy mustard, and one fancy red peppercorn each (I only ate one of the peppercorns, too much pepper for me). The tempura roll was awesome! Kelly has the Wasatch roll, which came with salmon, yellowtail, and cucumbers. I won’t pretend to have any sort of special knowledge or ability to judge sushi bars, but this place seemed like a midrange option (better than what’s available closer to home for us), and we were both really happy with our meal.

Monday after breakfast we stopped into the Oriental Food Market (no website to link to, but it’s located at 667 S 700 E if you’re ever in SLC!) and left the market $60 poorer. The market is Korean-owned, but has an amazing selection of Japanese, Chinese, and Indian products as well, even some Vietnamese candy 🙂 Many of our spoils were sushi supplies for Kelly, who has been wanting to try his hand at making sushi for quite a while.

Here you can see his sushi rice, Sekiryu sashimi knife, capelin roe (masago), wild salmon (that part came from Whole Foods), and sushi rollers. The Amazon review of the Sekiryu knife is silly, because the dude’s only criticism is that the knife is sharpened on only one side (which is how sashimi knives are traditionally made, as it yields a sharper cutting edge).

Of course we also had to get nori and mirin.

Then we ran back to the Gateway to buy a sushi book we had seen the day before. It’s called Sushi: Taste and Technique by Kimiko Barber and Hiroki Takemura. The book has wonderful illustrations and detailed instructions. It includes information about the history of sushi, ingredients, techniques, etiquette, and common problems & solutions in making sushi.

Here’s a cheerful Kelly with sushi book in hand:

I’m sure he’ll be experimenting with all of his new sushi toys very soon. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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